A lamp (slightly different)

Complexity: simple
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A lamp (slightly different)

you need:

1 Redstone lamp

1 Redstone block

1 daylight sensor

1 Sticky flask

3 Redstone

1 repeater

1 Redstone torch

1 glass block

1 block of your choice


first you make a 6 X 1 X 5 hole in the ground 2016-12-07_11-03-56, after that you build up again on the ground except 2 2016-12-07_11-10-17, go to the corner where 1 block is down and look up there you put on the 3 height a sticky piston 1 release and then a redstone block 2016-12-07_11-12-59, a daylight sensor is built on top of the bulb and a glass block on top of it (sets the daylight sensor to night) 2016-12-07_11-16-29, now they build next to the Redstoneblock again a earth block 2016-12-07_11-19-58, sorry the pictures are now a little darker I have not noticed that it was dark I hope it is not bad but it is better because then the redstoneblock is still down and you can build better, now comes there 1 times Redstone as in the picture 2016-12-07_11-28-48, now you put a repeater next to the redstone 2016-12-07_11-31-08, next to the repeater are now 3 earth blocks like in the picture 2016-12-07_11-33-33, put on top of the wall again 2 earth blocks there 2016-12-07_11-36-27, and on top of the wall another 1 block 2016-12-07_11-38-43, now place Redstone on the 2 blocks (see picture) 2016-12-07_11-42-18, put 1 redstone flare on top of the block (the redstone flare should be OFF now!!!) 2016-12-07_11-44-25, When you're done, close the hole. 2016-12-07_11-47-34, now put a block of your choice on it 3 examples (for modern houses) Quartz column: 2016-12-07_11-52-06, (not exactly the best choice) cobblestone: 2016-12-07_11-52-26, (for Middle Ages) Wood: 2016-12-07_11-53-56, and you're done testing: 2016-12-07_12-00-46, 2016-12-07_12-04-15, Here are a few more tips: Tip 1: If you want you can take another block around the daylight sensor, for example, you have a stone away that you then does so: 2016-12-07_12-07-34, Tip 2:you don't see any redstone! 2016-12-07_12-10-08, I hope you enjoyed it. also look at my first idea because I put 2 sofa cushions on stairs (sofa) very cool idea.
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