In the past, soft drinks have always attracted attention through artistically decorated bottles or special advertising marketing measures, and fritz-kola is no exception. With the new multi-facetted art competition, the soft drink from Germany not only wants to refresh its fans, but also to encourage their creativity. However, the Hamburg-based manufacturer has not only launched this competition to promote the beverage, but the further development of art is clearly in the foreground.

Free hand for new artists

The motto of the fritz-kola multi-art competition is "Canvas seeks an artist", which clearly underlines the fact that the concept of art can be very broad. Whether the fan of the soft drink makes the accessories of a fritz-kola bottle his own and creates art from it, or whether he works with the help of paints in the style of Andy Warhol, is entirely up to the up-and-coming artist. The soft drink manufacturer does not set any precise requirements for its competition, but does offer attractive incentives for active participation. For example, the artist who submits the most original work in the competition will be honored with an exhibition of his artwork in one of six German cities. These cities are Hamburg, Berlin, Munich, Cologne, Dresden and Freiburg.

The only restrictions

Although fritz-kola is extremely permissive in its definition of art, the artist must still keep in mind that the artwork must be restorable. This means that one-off ephemeral works of art such as a particularly elaborately designed sandcastle cannot be considered in the multi-art competition. Further, the soft drink company would like to ask that submissions of the artwork be refrained from. A photo or video of the artwork or art form by mail is completely sufficient for participation.

Using new media

Surely neither Michelangelo still Andy Warhol, Rembrandt or Picasso thought of a computer when they created their timeless works. In modern times, however, the computer has already become an everyday object and can therefore naturally also be used to create art. Whether the computer user creates a completely new work of art from existing art or whether computer games are used for the creation of their own art objects, is ultimately left to the imagination and creativity of the artist himself. Especially in times of Minecraft, many tools are available to the ambitious artist, so that nothing stands in the way of participation in the competition.

1TP3Variety Art Competition

Of course, the German soft drink manufacturer fritz-kola is also aware of the fact that creativity cannot always be forced under time pressure. For this reason, the closing date for the multi-art competition is also designed as a relatively large time window with 15.06.2017. The winner will of course be informed by fritz-kola about the prize. The city in which the artwork will be displayed will be chosen independently by the soft drink producer, who will also pay the rental costs for the exhibition space. However, the costs for the production of the artwork will not be covered. The Vielvielkunst competition is therefore a great opportunity for every young artist to present his creativity to a large audience and maybe the next Andy Warhol is among the participants, for more information on the #vielvielkunst competition.