Aqueduct and wheat fields

Complexity: simple
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Aqueduct and wheat fields

The construction of the aqueduct and the laying out of the wheat fields is quite simple. Chronologically, the construction is to be sorted into the Middle Ages. The aqueduct serves to irrigate the agricultural district. It is called Goldaue.


To build the aqueduct, spruce logs, cobblestone, cobblestone stairs, oak fence, cobblestone wall, carved stone bricks, oak wood and birch wood stairs are needed. But Clowstone is also needed. For the Kana only Cleanstone is used. Have fun with the rebuilding. If you are interested, you can visit my Youtube channel: ttps://
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  1. Aqueducts have been built in ancient times, but that is beside the point. I like the idea of combining this with a wheat field, but I have to say that I don't like this water inlet on the edge. Possibly it would have looked cooler if you had built the aqueduct out of stone and then added some embellishments, i.e. round arches, etc.
    Summa summarum: 3,5/ 5 points