Automatic sidewalk lighting

Complexity: simple
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Automatic sidewalk lighting

At night, the lighting is extended from the ground.

the lighting is pretty much good for all areas to use because it takes up almost no space (the largest part is finally under the ground).

but what does the lighting do now?? the lighting consists of glowstone blocks that are pushed out of the ground at night via sticky pistons and are retracted as soon as the day dawns.


here the night view

here you can see the circuit. to each piston comes an amplifier these are connected with redstone.

I have reversed the signal of the daylight sensor so that the pistons extend at night and retract during the day.

optionally, you can also replace the daylight sensor with a switch at the entrance to the property or wherever you need it.

last but not least cover the whole thing with the flooring of your choice (the daylight sensor can either be hidden or buried and a glass block or a trapdoor put over it)


  1. It seems like you had the building idea before Minecraft 1.2. Since then you can simply use redstone lamps. In addition, you can now invert the daylight detector by right-clicking.

  2. it's meant as a nice gadget if you have the option to retract the lights during the day and extend them at night you have the advantage that they are not in the way during the day and you can just walk over them.

  3. so i have to partially agree with the others... because that's exactly how i see the glowstones even when they are retracted. but just keep trying.
    and if you put a grass block on top of the glowstones and then everything
    still 1 block deeper make and with 2 pistons are the glowstones during the day not to see but at night. try it so times
    good luck and do not give up