Barn for livestock with storage space

Complexity: simple
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Barn for livestock with storage space

A large beautiful barn with outdoor and indoor space for livestock and hay.

In the barn is downstairs space for livestock. There is also a large entrance and exit for the animals to run free. If you go up a ladder in the barn, you come to the upper floor, where there is enough storage space for hay and other things.


  1. @ Areuawizard
    very nice building you have built there!
    Despite the shader and resource pack, you can see it just fine. The roof is, I think,
    has become particularly good with the bricks, also the tendrils bassen very nice to it, because it is not so red. The style of the barn has, Lasergurcke3 says, something of a residential house, but must all barns be the same.

    LG. Dande