Very few men of today's generation 40+ who have a teenage son will have really grown up with the technical possibilities of the current computers or game consoles and the associated computer games. Accordingly, it is often very difficult to comprehend when the young offspring is unresponsive for hours at a time and pursues the tasks in those computer games. Also, terms like "cyber-bullying" or even names like "Minecraft" will trigger an "aha" effect in very few of these fathers. "Minecraft", however, is a very good example of how computer games can also promote creativity and the ability of children to work in a team.

The author Mark Cheverton, who has made a name for himself as the best Minecraft father in the world, had just that "aha" effect with the computer game "Minecraft". Unlike many other men of his age, he showed interest in his son's hobby and was literally infected by a Youtube video. Cheverton quickly shared the passion and also started building buildings and entire worlds, so this computer game - which at first glance seems quite unimpressive - captivated him. The game and his son's way of interacting with the game inspired the author so much that he wrote a completely independent Minecraft novel, focusing on his son with his game name Gameknight999 in the upper world as the main protagonist.

Minecraft Battle for the Overworld coverThe Minecraft novel is titled "Battle for the Overworld" and is the prelude to a real Gameknight999 series. That same Gameknight999 has a passion for spoiling other players' fun in Minecraft. One day, however, the 12-year-old is transported into the world of Minecraft by an invention his father had previously developed. The arrival of the stranger is not without consequences in the world of blocks, it even triggers a real war. Now in the middle of the action, the young player is forced to make friends and prove his team skills. Initially, the war is limited to the virtual Minecraft world, but then fiction and reality threaten to merge. Gameknight999 has to really outgrow himself and discovers unexpected talents and character traits that were completely unknown to him.

Although the novel by Mark Cheverton was originally intended only as a reading for his son, the excitingly written book quickly developed into an insider tip. In the United States of America, the author has already published 15 volumes on the Minecraft theme, all of which deal with the adventures of the 12-year-old Gameknight999. The prelude novel "Battle for the Upperworld" has now also been published in Germany and should not only draw Minecraft fans in their spell. In addition to the exciting storyline, this Minecraft novel also offers valuable tips and assistance for parents whose children move around in cyberspace. The topic of "cyber-bullying" is more topical than ever, as by no means every user in the virtual world is only friendly-minded. For this reason, parents should be able to sensitize their children. Mark Cheverton has dealt with the dangers of cyberspace and the world of computer games in a catchy way and gives the reader of his book an impression of how to deal with the world of cyberspace responsibly. Not least for this reason, the book "Battle for the Upper World" also carries the rating "educationally valuable" and is an exciting read for readers from any age group.

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