Big abstract house on mountain

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Big abstract house on mountain

A big abstract house on the mountain.

I'm actually against all the houses too, but this is NOT a clunker 🙂 .



Living room:-

Undefined space:-

Internal field:-



  1. Looks good. I like houses that take advantage of natural formations (in this case built on a mountain).
    It also has several floors and rooms, all of which look very different, at least from the outside.
    Nicely done, that gives like.

  2. Is me from the inside too dark, but the design outside has become good. What would be good, if you would not upload one and the same room 5 times as a picture...

  3. Have me here just registered to write this here. So: the house I know from a video of Keralis, he has once presented on his community server. He has not built it himself, but I doubt times quite strongly that you have built yourself, looks to me but pretty reinkopiert. How I hate such a thing -.-

  4. Do you actually look at the pictures? You're all like, "Yeah, it's gonna fit right in. But don't you see that it's copied in? Look at the transition from the water to the landscape and the house. So as has already been mentioned - the whole thing is certainly not built by you and in my opinion not particularly beautiful.