Big farmhouse

Complexity: simple
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Big farmhouse

A large greenhouse with automatic harvesting.

I was thinking that there was something missing from my house. I found a simple field too boring, so I wanted to build a kind of greenhouse that, when you flip the lever, harvests everything automatically and brings everything to a collection station.

  • When you turn the lever, a reverse circuit goes to the pistons where there is water behind, the pistons move back, and the water harvests the grain.
  • The most suitable material for a greenhouse is, of course, glass.
  • This piston function I have also used, so that the water flows, of course, I have them not only once, but several times, as many rows of fields you just have.
  • But you must also have an irrigation source from time to time, so that the grain also grows!


Here is the collection station

And the previous model without roof

This is the piston function

And the wheat field from the inside


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