Large, funkitonal bed V2

Complexity: simple
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Large, funkitonal bed V2

A chic bed that fits wonderfully in large bedrooms. You can also easily and quickly change the size and color.


First you need a 4 block deep hole on the bottom of which you put normal beds. Above that you leave a block free so that you can still use the bed and above that you put normal oak fences and nether fences in a checkerboard pattern. These have the advantage that you can fall through between them. Next you need to drop sand, gravel or dry concrete of your choice onto the fences from at least 2 blocks high. The blocks should get stuck shaking on the fences at "half" height, when you reload the world the shaking is gone and you can fall through the blocks. To get out again, I personally find it best to have a lore under the "pillow". When you sit in and get out, you automatically end up next to the bed again. You can expand the size of the bed and use the space under the big bed as a secret hiding place!
An avid Minecrafter who doesn't shy away from redstone and command blocks or decorating ideas.