Castle with stables

Complexity: simple
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Castle with stables

This castle is not very big and has only 4 rooms.

There are 4 rooms two of them have a staircase that leads to the basement. These 2 rooms are in the very back (each room is in a corner).In the room in front left is a bed and in the room in front right is a kitchen.In the middle of the castle is a tower.With me he has 3 sticks.On top of the tower is a flag.Outside I have made a horse, cows and sheep stable.Next to it is a bed.There are still stairs that lead all the way down:


the castle from the left: the horse stable: the cow/coach stable:
- - -

the bed and the stairs leading down to the cows/sheep: The castle from behind:
- -

the castle from the right:
2nd room with the stairs leading to the basement:
3.the kitchen:

Pictures of Keller:
- - - - - - - -

The tower:
- -
I am almost 17 years old, am a girl. I like to play Minecraft and also like to read. Instagram: strawbarmy_yuna


  1. Can it be that you import the castles? Then please name the program and the original builder.
    Maybe the interior is homemade.
    The environment and the stables do not fit.

  2. Is that not similar with castle of a certain KnowNowLP ? So the flag in the color of the favorite pony strange and on the wall the roofing looks like would also castles twins could get.

  3. So, everybody, this is a castle that I built all by myself, okay? 
    @ZombieHead I find that just not nice of you, ok the interior is nothing special, but everyone decorates as it pleases him / her. Some just build a house without interior decoration, is also quite ok because everyone makes and builds it as it pleases him or her and then presents it here. If you don't like something about an idea (eg. interior design) it doesn't mean that you should immediately give a Dislike. :pouty: