Roofs for high-rise and prefabricated buildings

An individual roof (or you build it exactly ;)) for everyone. Fits on all skyscrapers from the 8th floor.

Hoth turret

The turret from Star Wars in the great battle of Echo Base.


Medieval dwarf element for lighting along paths and roads.


An easy way to create signposts. I saw this by accident when I was building my camp and put a pickaxe in a frame.


With these sculptures of armor stands you can beautify your world. Other sculptures are in the description.

Folding table

A decoration for the kitchen.

Pig Stunt Show

The shocked pigs jump over the lava bungee.

Miniature golf course

A miniature golf course that looks good as a decoration in a park, for example, but is also usable.

Large flower pot

A large flower pot for the flowers that do not fit into a normal flower pot. For soil you can use either podzol or grass blocks.

Build glider in Minecraft

Courageously, the player plunges down the mountain with his glider. Break a leg!