Farm building idea

Farm building idea

Medieval butchery Butcher

Redstone house with drop elevator,.automatic oven and animal trap for sheep and cows,
Butcher Lets show in Tudor style with shop, oven, kitchen and dining area, store, dormitory, and redstoning circuits.

Fully automatic cactus farm

With this small cactus farm you get comfortably and automatically always enough cactus to produce green paint. The consumption of raw materials is minimal.

Mountain hut

A small mountain hut [or/also forest hut]. Optimal for rebuilding.

Practical cocoa bean farm for de overkebens modus

A beautiful little cocoa bean farm

Tomato Field

They are actually tall roses but it looks like a tomato farm.

Automatic Pumpkin/Melon Farm

A fully automatic melon or pumpkin farm

Wheat field and wet meadow

The natural transition of a wheat field to a wet meadow in the floodplain area with great attention to detail.

Fully automatic cactus farm

This fully automatic cactus farm works highly efficient, is enormously cheap, simple and completely without redstone to build. As soon as a cactus grows, the block drops due to the neighboring blocks occupied by the shields, falls into the water stream and can be collected through a funnel.

Hunting Lodge

A hunting lodge / mansion / cabin on a mountain with dead epic trees. Furnishings are present and very detailed & structured design.


For a hillside where the grapes thrive.