Houses building ideas

Houses building ideas

Modern bar

This idea shows you how to build a modern bar.

Villa from quartz blocks

This villa is built entirely of quartz blocks and has six floors + basement. The individual rooms are individually furnished.
More pictures in the description.

Ticket office

The ticket counter is used for decoration in various buildings, for example zoos, cinemas or train stations.

Firehouse from Ghostbusters

The "Firehouse" or headquarters of the Ghostbusters.

Campenile di San Marco

Campenile di San Marco Landmark of Venice


most expensive hotel in the world

Automatic station

A small simple station, but which automatically collects trolleys and sets them again at the push of a button.

Small one-room castle

This small but sturdy castle is particularly suitable as a temporary, but also safe and decorative home.

Rustic house

Rustic house with barbecue, terrace and balcony.

Small beach house

This little beach house is quick to build.