Houses building ideas

Houses building ideas

Portal prison

A prison with portals as walls.

Mountain railway

A decorative ropeway that can be built in the mountains.

Medieval bakery

We show here an idea for a medieval bakery with living area.

Warehouse on the waterfront

This is a warehouse that sits on stilts in the water, making it a space-saving design.


Built from snow and ice.

Semi-automatic wool farm

The wool is sheared manually while driving past the sheep in a trolley. The wool is then automatically fed through channels into a chest.

Big DUMM-DUMM Skull Houses

They are very decorative and certainly scare monsters.


A "small" dream castle to live out.

Dressing Room

If you press the button and then quickly stand in front of the dispensers, your armor will be put on.


A lock, so that one can also cope with differences in altitude with boats.