Houses building ideas

Houses building ideas

Fountain at the house

A winch that can't be moved, but looks good.

Large beach resort

Even the most industrious Minecrafter needs to rest once in a while. This facility offers pure relaxation.

The Tardis

Here you can see the Tardis from the well known series "Doctor Who".  

Log cabin

A log house which fits well in an old town!

Wool processing - Laundry

The idea of the washing station can be used very well as a supplement to the dyeing plant or a wool farm.


A tent for "nomads" that is quick to build.

Record Shop

Kingstreet Records always has the latest music from the Minecraft universe.... Small shop with windows, turntables and accessories for music lovers.

Medieval lighthouse

A simple lighthouse made of broken stone hedgehogs and oak wood and the roof of Cobblestone. The door is made of spruce as it suits the medieval period. The accents are made of knobs and the light is made of Glowstone so that the wood doesn't wear off.

Old hospital

An old hospital

Abstract house

This house consists of a floor of acacia wood, a frame of quartz blocks and walls and a roof of glass.