Houses building ideas

Houses building ideas

Saline (salt production)

A few basins, which look like a saltworks for salt production. The water level and depth vary between the basins and salt is imitated with snow blocks.

Nether overworld

An area in the Nether that should be as close to the overworld as possible in terms of design.
Because of the water and grass, this idea doesn't translate well into survival mode.

Self building pool

A room without any noticeable things, which is converted into a room with a pool at the push of a button. Another push of a button causes the pool to disappear again without a trace.

Memory game

There is only one correct zigzag way to the exit. When entering a wrong pressure plate, the door closes and you have to run back to the entrance for the exit to open again.

House in the bottom of the sea

In contrast to the house at the bottom of the sea an interesting variant. It is best to build it in shallow water. If it is close to the shore, you can also connect it with rooms on land.

Portal Room

One room for several portals. These all have the same goal and therefore no practical use, but it looks nice.
Unfortunately, you need a lot of Obsidian, which makes the idea more suitable for Creative mode.


A house on (or in) a tree. Tropical trees are best suited for this because of their size.


For example, a forge could be filled with an anvil, a pool of lava, and furnaces, and built of stone and iron grates.


A stone lighthouse with lava lighting. The height can be varied as desired. You can not enter the lighthouse.