Houses building ideas

Houses building ideas

Grand Palace

A huge 120x400 site with a royal palace.

Party Room

A small party room for many occasions.

Mirror + shower

If you turn off the shower on one side, it also goes off on the other side ... etc.


A sanctuary especially for wolves and cows.

Small forest house at the brook at night

A small forest house with a mixture of sandstone and wool. For the chimney I used bricks.

Campenile di San Marco

Campenile di San Marco Landmark of Venice

House on the water

Small house by the sea.

Support point

Bases with all the important utensils. You build them at regular intervals on the map to always have a safe place during expeditions.

Street+parking lot

The parking lot is 15×10 fields.
  • The road is 5 blocks wide with black wool with white wool in 1s intervals.