Medieval building ideas

Medieval building ideas

Fallen trees

Fallen trees, such as after a storm or felled.

Mage Tower

An old mage tower with secret signs on the sides.

Fishing lodge

A fishing hut, which fits well on a river or lake.

Barrel cellar

In this room you can build wooden barrels. In them it makes sense best to store potions.

Small Boots Pier

A small Boots Pier that makes a good decoration and is also useful.

Large grain field

A field of grain belonging to a farm, which is not rectangular but follows the natural course of the landscape.

Medieval house with outdoor space

A large medieval house, which will serve as a town hall for me. In addition, it has a small square next to it.

Creeper Shrine

This Creeper Shrine is built entirely of moss stones and decorated with vines.

Rope for roasting animals

Animals are roasted on this rope as in the Middle Ages.