For-ever tag mechanism

A little redstone circuit that causes the time to automatically reset to morning when darkness falls.
Attention! Since 1.6, you can also change the sun with the command /gamerule DoDaylightCycle 1 stop.

Wishing Well

You throw an item or block into the hopper and get another item in return.

Fire alarm

A button behind a pane of glass. Pressing the button opens a hatch in the ceiling from which water runs, the Redstone torch flashes and you hear an alarm sound.

Self building pool

A room without any noticeable things, which is converted into a room with a pool at the push of a button. Another push of a button causes the pool to disappear again without a trace.

Memory game

There is only one correct zigzag way to the exit. When entering a wrong pressure plate, the door closes and you have to run back to the entrance for the exit to open again.

Hidden donor

An invisible dispenser as this is hidden behind the wall. In the picture above I used the wall open and glass so you can see better how it works. The dispenser can be used well to poison players with throwing potions. But other items are also possible.

secret passageway in wall

A secret passage which is completely invisible when closed and can be opened by a lever.

Programmable 4Bit code lock

A relatively large code lock (about 30x20x10). It has little practical use, but is good for learning about Redstone.