Compact house with landscaped lake

Complexity: simple
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Compact house with landscaped lake

This house is very detailed, therefore also difficult to build. The exterior is especially highlighted here by the beautiful lights and plants on the shore. Also suitable in survival mode!

So that one can rebuild the house with good success it requires a great deal of experiencewhich it has done through the complex architectural style doesn't make it any easier.

Here 3 pictures:

House from outside by day

House and lake at night

Ground floor


The created lake should not have a deeper place than four blocks, otherwise it would appear a little too deep. Directly on the shore you should still fill with sand max. 2 blocks away from the water. To beautify the lake afterwards you can optionally add lights, plant flowers and create a small path.

Here 1 picture:
Lake with lights and plants

Good luck with the rebuild!


To the lights on the shore: (per lamp)

Step 1: 1x Redstone Torch - Dig a hole in the ground and insert it.

Step 2: 1x Chiseled Stone Brick - Place it over the Redstone Torch.

Step 31x Redstone lamp - Place it over the block of the sculpted stone brick.

This is what a glowing Redstone lamp looks like


  1. Please stop uploading houses like this. I'm sorry, but a house is really not an idea. The lake is not an idea either. The interior is also not an idea. The only thing that is close to an idea are the lanterns, even though I already knew that.
    Sorry, this is a really nice house, but really no idea! Dislike

  2. @Dol3nce Is good if many different houses are on this page, then everyone can choose his own style! If you don't like it then don't. But for people who have no idea it might be a good idea or an inspiration. You don't have to understand. Your "Functional Tank" is also not an idea for a "normal player" 😀 😀

    But to each his own.

  3. @StarCrafter0040 I didn't say I didn't like it, it all looks great!!!! If you like it on a "Place-your-most-beautiful-building-page" you would have uploaded, would have you also get a like! And yet, I understand the logic with the many houses, but I find it unnecessary. I could have written these comments under each house, but I wrote it under yours because another new house came.

    About the tank... I don't quite agree with you there, but that's just where we disagree.


  4. I don't want to seem arrogant, but a house like this doesn't require... so much Experience... You can watch a few videos of YouTubers explaining the tech and then you can build in that style yourself. (I watched Grian and my "bulding skill" has rapidly improved in medieval/rustic style).
    Apart from that, it is "only" a rectangle in terms of the basic shape, which can be much Experience also do better, just change it to an "L" and it looks better already. "/(o_O)/"
    My opinion, have a nice day!

  5. @JeeBee, please tell me why I'm a jealous person. Because I'm writing a review of the 100th house on this site? Because I give a dislike because it's not a new idea??? Why?


  6. Hey StarCrafter,

    I really like your house, it looks overall harmonious and not just a wooden box somewhere in the countryside 🙂
    I left you a Like, because for me it's not really the idea that counts (there are plenty of houses on this site) but the implementation. That is, whether someone has made an effort, has an eye for detail and still does not overdo it, in which he claps the whole garden with redstone lamps.

    The lamp in the lake I like very much, I often put in my pools purely, so that in the Survival not yet a zombie goes swimming 😉

    What I didn't know though is that the redstone signal works through a block to the redstone lamp. I always put the flares directly under/next to the lamp.

    Looking forward to more submissions from you!


  7. @Galileo156 I agree, there are different types of houses, this one is one of the lighter shapes but as read in the picture description, the exterior is highlighted 🙂 .

    Thank you so much for your comment and your opinion 🙂 .

  8. I can actually fully understand Dol3nce. He brings it vlt. something, "aggressive" over (there is certainly a better description but falls grad nix :D) but he is already right that it is not a new idea. Such houses I've seen umpteen times, and there are plenty of lamps. (If you build a torch underneath and a circuit with a daylight projector attached to it, you also have a lighting that automatically turns on at night and off again during the day).

    I don't want to say here now that it is bad, I like such houses and also this one is well done, but it is just nothing new. :ermm:
    So stop arguing here, just each give their opinion on the building and be done with it 🙂 .

    Conclusion: No new idea, but at least built reasonably nice, therefore a neutral
    To the description still: I can straight with the statement that it should be built complex nothing. This has neither complicated hidden red tone circuits nor is it overly detailed that you get difficulties when building. (It's only one level, if I see it right:blink:)

  9. So first of all, sorry it came across as "aggressive", I didn't mean it that way.
    What specifically bugged me about this idea is that it's an alternative to actually the same idea. (Whether house on the lake ne idea is, about it can be argued)
    @Blank : That's what I meant! Something like this

  10. @Blank I don't want to argue or seem know-it-all but the "ideas for buildings" on the home page probably refers more to something like: a barn, a hotel, a shop, etc.w.... , just different types of buildings and not different built apartment buildings, since they are all "just" apartment buildings. 

  11. @Dol3nce
    Sure I can understand you not wanting there to be "over 100 identical houses" on this site, however you still say you like the house.
    The "envious" thing was just said, however I think a dislike is a bit excessive just because there are "over 100 identical houses" here, which, by the way, are about 90% 0815 (thanks @Blank for that thought x3), and you praise this house as a "nice house" anyway.
    I can't tell you what to do, I'll leave it at a Like, despite the same point of criticism, because you can see that someone has put a lot of effort into this.

    This is my comment, and anyone who wants to is welcome to cry on my shoulder for it 🙂 .

  12. @Blank I think I'm about to really cry because I just get a new stupid and unnecessary comment from you every day. Pls Back to Topic, here it is about building idea evaluate -.-

    (I hope you know what sarcasm is...).