Simple TNT trap

Complexity: simple
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Simple TNT trap

Everyone can see right off the bat that it's a Redstone chest and that the TNT blows up when you open it....

Even if you notice this and think to yourself "haha, I'll just destroy the TNT and then open the box" is exactly when you fall into the trap:

Underneath the TNT is an Observer facing the TNT, so it gives off a signal when the TNT is removed, which can then be hooked up to all sorts of traps, like more TNT or a pitfall or releasing a horde of baby zombies.


ICh have decided quite simply for the activation rail with TNT lorries....
An avid Minecrafter who doesn't shy away from redstone and command blocks or decorating ideas.


  1. I just put several layers of TNT under the chest and put a lot of valuable material in the chest, so that the player was very busy clearing out the chest. when he cleared out the chest, the TNT underneath exploded and he died.hihi!

  2. Hey Building Master,
    you have to build a Minecraft world only from TNT, or an island and make a chest with a lighter in it. Then tell someone who (very important!!!) is not a Minecrafter and tell them that they can get into a Normal World if they light at least 30 blocks. HEHEHE!!!