Fast elevator

Complexity: simple
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Fast elevator

An elevator with slime blocks and pistons.

To be transported to the top you stand on the lower slime block.
This one hurls you upwards. There you will be flung forward by a second one.

Attention! When I use the elevator later, you'll have to move to the very back of the wall before pressing the button, or you may end up flying too high.

This elevator is just a possible change from the old ladders.
In Suvival mode, the conventional ladders are indeed better suited, but who still wants to can try it out. Otherwise, it is a good idea for the creative mode.

Unfortunately, it no longer works in multiplayer mode.


Under the lower slime block is a piston. This piston is triggered by the button. The Redstone connection should not include a delay.


Exactly 4 blocks further up is a second piston with a slime block. This must be one block further back than the lower slime block.
This upper piston is triggered with a delay. Namely, the Redstone amplifier is clicked 2 times after setting.

Now you should build the second floor. This can be, depending on your preference, 2 or 3 blocks above the ground. Otherwise you couldn't get under it (1 block high) or up it (4+ blocks high).

It is important that you build a wall on the opposite side of the second floor, otherwise the piston will throw you too far.


  1. everything can always be built better ... here it's all about the idea ... and that is good
    does this also work in multiplayer?
    other elevators with pistons lose their function because of the ping

  2. This is less Redstonde than it looks.

    Whether it works in multiplayer I do not know yet. But I will try it and then change it.

    Whether it works you can just try it out yourself.
    I would include a youtube video, but unfortunately I don't have a youtube channel.