Fast, Narrow, Upwards DoublePistonExtender

Complexity: simple
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Fast, Narrow, Upwards DoublePistonExtender

Faster and narrower version of the well-known DoublePistonExtender.


After tinkering with the Observer for a while, I discovered by accident the possibility of making the normal DoublePistonExtender faster and narrower.

This is infinitely expandable and you can even place this around the corner.

An example of how to create a nice visual effect with the DPE and an example of how to place the DPE around the corner.


As you can see from the picture, the DPE is very easy to build and survival friendly. First you put two pistons on top of each other, pointing upwards, and put a block of your choice on top. On the lower piston you put a repeater (number of ticks doesn't matter), which sends a signal into the piston and above the repeater you put an observer, which sends a signal upwards. You place another block above the observer and place a signal line to the repeater. Now you can activate the DPE with a button or a slower clock.
I love messing around with Redstone in Minecraft Pocket Edition. Am very experienced with Redstone and learn something new every time.