Fire and emergency call centre

Complexity: simple
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Fire and emergency call centre

A fire and ambulance centre with an integrated emergency call centre that takes all calls to 112.

The emergency call centre is located above the fire brigade's vehicle hall. A special feature of this building is that the ambulances and emergency medical vehicles are not located in a vehicle hall next to it, but behind the building.

There are 5 vehicles in the fire brigade's vehicle hall. In the vehicle hall of the rescue service as well.

From the emergency call centre you can trigger the alarm for the rescue service, fire brigade and emergency doctor. By means of a light signal, it is possible to trigger in the common rooms which units have to be dispatched.  

There are 4 slide bars for the fire brigade.

A total of 24 beds are available for the night service.


You start by building the fire department's vehicle hall. Then you build everything that is above the main building, i.e. the alarm system, emergency call centre etc. With a kind of bridge you build the rescue service center behind the building. Again, first the vehicle hall and then everything that is above, here lounges, etc.. Construction time: Approx. 14 hours


  1. Where can I see how many stones I need and which ones?
    How high how wide ectara.
    Unfortunately I do not see a download here