Football field with stands (mini stadium)

Complexity: simple
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Football field with stands (mini stadium)

For a small town it is recommended not to build a huge football stadium. But for the district league there has to be a field to beat the neighbouring towns! For this you need a football field and a grandstand; both can be built relatively close to other buildings to save space. Only the noise pollution of the fans could cause problems with the residents...

The view from the grandstand Ticket sales

Snack bar and fan shop

Toilets (men)


All you need is a large surface area. Nothing more! :D The typical football markings I made with white wool, the field was fenced with iron bars and the goals I built from Polished Andesite (iron blocks also work), and the net from birch fences (in creative mode you could also use spider webs). Under the bleachers are ticket sales, snack bar and toilets.