For-ever tag mechanism

Complexity: simple
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For-ever tag mechanism

A little redstone circuit that causes the time to automatically reset to morning when darkness falls.
Attention! Since 1.6, you can also change the sun with the command /gamerule DoDaylightCycle 1 stop.


The redstone distance is seven blocks. You get the command block only by the command /give player name 137. At the command block you have to /time set 0 enter. Then you can add a switch to deactivate the mechanism if you want to have night. When the switch gives a signal, the mechanism is switched off.


  1. how did you manage to get the redstone fakel out of your...
    I wanted to rebuild the grad and it is failed ^^
    the always goes automatically on as soon as I connect the and then goes no longer off ...

  2. For me it doesn't stay day forever, but the time sets to 0 when I TOUCH THE LEVER,on that I took a pair of rails,made a circle,put in the command block and now it's day forever 🙂