Fountain with water pump

Complexity: simple
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Fountain with water pump

The fountain is connected to a pond by a stream.

Here is a small instruction: first you build the pond, as big and deep as you want, connect the pond with the stream. Then you still need the well, for this you dig a hole. Which also has to be connected to the stream. I recommend to let the well end one block above the ground. Now you fill water into the pond, if it does not distribute itself also into the brook and the well. The only thing that is still missing is the framework of fence with which the water is taken out. For this simply build with fences up to one block below the water approach, build another fence upwards and then a fence to the side. Now on brook and pond still water lily leaves can. It just unfortunately does not work, is still a nice decoration.


  1. You could also make a "new version" by attaching a lever to the fountain itself and then, for example, a piston is actuated so that it sounds as if you PUMPING would 😉