Four-in-a-row game

Complexity: simple
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Four-in-a-row game

Four-wins game for two players. The game pieces are sand and gravel.

Each player controls the game from a kind of control panel. There is a switch for each column as well as a reset switch that clears the board of tiles at the end of the game.
The switches are connected to sliders, which then push the blocks of the respective player (sand/gravel) into the shaft that leads to the playing field. You have to be very careful that the switches are connected to the right sliders.
Unfortunately, the Redstone tracks turn out to be very large.


  1. ThebigsmileXD good idea but I'm more interested in the version without COMAND blocks because I play on a multiplayer server and you get there none =)

    but your video could be very interesting ^^

  2. Reaper911211
    12 December 2014 at 12:53
    Cool idea only I can not imagine grad so how that works =D gets a like

    would there be the mögklichkeit to show the construction in a video ? =)

    So the pistons (non-adhesive) push the sand or other into a shaft where it falls onto the "field".