Fruit crates for stands

Complexity: simple
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Fruit crates for stands

These are decorative, though sadly useless, fruit crates that you can set up at market stalls etc.

This is a cheap little deco idea I found on the Minecraftwikipedia server, Unlimitedworld. As I said before, it doesn't work, but it's so simple and cheap that I wanted to post it. Beginners can make good use of ideas like this.
I assume you don't need instructions.


  1. Thanks for the positive comments. As you might guess, the melon is only in there as an add-on so you can see it quicker. That it's useless, I mentioned, for those who want to comment but don't deign to read the texts. Minecraft-DEKO doesn't have to have any use, my great lightning commenters, it's just for DECORATION....
    The only thing that has any use is a bed, a chest, work things and fields....
    That's not why you play Minecraft....
    It's supposed to be fun.

  2. First of all, you can make them with said plugin also I think so that no one can pick up the item. Secondly, it was originally intended only as a box just so, so not necessarily with content.
    I think the picture was misleading. I apologize for that.

  3. matthi94, you apparently didn't understand what I meant either.
    My question:
    What do you imagine it would be able to do if it worked?
    Should it theoretically work like a chest or a shop or a baobab (I think you get it now)?

  4. No, actually it's a DEKO. The just stands decoratively in the way. If you have said server plugin, you can improve that or take them as a gift station (I put in, who wants to take) or whatever. Is it so hard to understand that a deco is a deco first? My God, you can expand it, but does not have to.

  5. So that you finally understand what we mean: It works the way you want it to, because you change or extend or otherwisewast it the way you are funny.
    Do we have it now?

  6. You can regulate that with plugins if you put your mind to it, and if they're near a stand, you can very well do that. However, I did not want to put in the picture, it was only about the boxes...

  7. I like it 😀
    For all those who absolutely want a function and do not accept that it is just deco :P: You could put a dispenser above it and connect it to a cash register / button / timer or whatever. Then you pay a certain price or press a button or wait and then an item drops into the box for you to take. :angel:

  8. On a server where e.g. a marketplace is, or players in their house give away things, with a Stikkie-Pisten fill the box with the things, and then push with several Stikkie-Pisten outside, to the player who needs the items:)