Functioning sewer system

Complexity: simple
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Functioning sewer system

This sewer is not only decorative, but also useful, because you can transport items in it.

How to design the shape of the sewer is, in principle, a matter of taste. The important thing is that it contains a channel in which water can flow. After 8 blocks of flowing water, you let a block of ice in the ground, so that items are guided slithering towards the next block. The next block is here at best again water, the items 8 more blocks carries etc...
In order to prevent the water from flowing back, signs, ladders or, as in my example, half-stepping stones are installed.

You can connect inlets anywhere, which are represented on the overworld by fountains into which you throw items, or outlets from automatic farms, etc.

The sewer then ends, at best, in a storage room where goods are funneled into chests.

I think this system is a nice alternative to rail systems, even if it looks a bit dry without a texture pack.


  1. Ey imagine there would be in minecraft a huge city wos also toilets that you can use if you have bock and the toilet flush activates a dropper who throws a brick in the sewer then there would really shit swimming around

  2. Good idea, but if you make ice under the water, the items are transported faster. Unfortunately, the pipe must not be too long :(, because the items would despawn after a while. 

  3. It depends on how far you want to transport it, but the repository would have to be very far below ground level, okay I see my mistake it's a bit impractical to build it downhill.