Hidden chest

Complexity: simple
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Hidden chest

You can slide a freight trolley into a piston so that you can only see it when the piston is extended.

What more is there to say? πŸ˜€


You have to put (best in the ground) a sticky piston and activate it with a switch, then you put any block on it, and on this block a rail, then you put a minecart with chest on it and dismantle the block so that the minecart lands on the piston, then you click several times on the switch until the minecart "slides" into the piston, then you connect the piston with a switch that is further away, maybe behind a corner staircase. behind a corner staircase, because there you can click at a certain point through the staircase and activate things,

Have fun trying it out


  1. No you guys, the idea is not from Spark, this has been going on since about Pistons. Just because Spark showed it in a video the other day doesn't mean it's his. This is Minecraft.