Bakery "Alte Stube

Small "old" bakery in RPG style.

Temple (any deity)

A temple which could belong to any deity (e.g. Roman).

Fully automatic melon/pumpkin farm

This automatic melon or pumpkin farm, uses a daylight detector to determine if the melon has grown.

Aqueduct and wheat fields

The construction of the aqueduct and the laying out of the wheat fields is quite simple. Chronologically, the construction is to be sorted into the Middle Ages. The aqueduct serves to irrigate the agricultural district. It is called Goldaue.

Large horse stable

Here is a variant for a relatively large horse stable.

Small mill

This is a small mill that fits perfectly with a wheat field.

Barn for livestock with storage space

A large beautiful barn with outdoor and indoor space for livestock and hay.


In this way you can build a stable with wearable boxes.

Grand Granary

The first part of a large granary in a city.

Illuminated field

A field with lighting under the water.