Medieval building ideas

Medieval building ideas

Horse stable to the associated riding arena :)

Here for you, a medium sized horse stable, matching the indoor arena, the riding arena and the paddock :) 

Beautiful indoor riding arena with small stable :)

Here I have, matching the riding arena, the indoor riding arena :)

Riding arena version 2.0

A slightly larger riding arena, with adjacent paddock and stable :)

Fire dragon

A fire dragon standing in the mountains

Fantasy tree

Tree for e.g. a village center (not suitable for building forests)

Modern summit property

Two-storey modern villa, small, no interior decoration

Apartment block - large

A large apartment block which houses 9 flats, a lounge and a restaurant on the lowest floor. (Version 1.12.2)

Cathedral in the snow

Cathedral in the snow

Cathedral in winter

In winter landscapes you can do a lot of things, for example I placed a cathedral in a winter landscape and a frozen lake in front of it.