Pumpkin / melon farm endlessly expandable

Complexity: simple
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Pumpkin / melon farm endlessly expandable

Fully automatic pumpkin and/or melon farm.

I was looking for an automatic, modless, pumpkin farm for a long time. Unfortunately, many of them contained many pistons, water cannons and stuff like that. So I designed myself a space-saving "pumpkin tower", which works very well and provides sufficient pumpkins or melons. It's fully automatic, flawless, maintenance free, and doesn't require a water cannon. I hope you like it 🙂

A short technical guide to this:

The system harvests itself fully automatically at sunrise by a simple day sensor pulse. More details are described below. This pulse causes the pistons to briefly extend to harvest the pumpkins or melons. The pumpkins or melons fall down a long chute where there are funnels that funnel the whole thing into a chest. Each level is identical and therefore the individual "modules" can be stacked as many times as you like and thus you can easily produce a lot of pumpkins or melons without having to cultivate a large area.


And I'm going to show you how:

First you need a 9x7 area


For the first level you will need 3 funnels, 4 blocks of your choice (in my case glass), and a chest:


The funnels lead into the chest.


Then comes, quite simply, the 2nd level:


The 3rd level is also feasible. Please pay attention to the direction of the Redstone amplifiers and set the amplifier after the piston to the highest level, all others can be left as they are. Sand or gravel must be placed on the piston, because of gravity.


Then you can plant melon or pumpkin seeds by the outer soil blocks.
Please put the block my cursor is pointing too, forgot it at the beginning ^_^


Then just build on it like that:


And transfer the whole thing from level 1 to level 2:


Then you connect the redstone with 2 simple blocks and put another amplifier on level 2 like I did here:


The bridge for the 3rd level is then on the right:


That's it. You know how to build a level, you can build as many times as they are identical. If you have done everything right your chest looks like this :D


Have fun rebuilding it.

Greetings EyeOfMedusa


  1. This is just an alternative of pretty much all pumpkin farms, you don't save pistons with it and other resources like redstone and the like aren't exactly saved with it either, so you should have uploaded it as an alternative.

    Like there's still because the implementation is quite cool 😉

  2. @DjDope thank you very much. yes it is an alternative, please forgive, is my first upload 🙂 I have found very many farms with complicated circuits and this one is actually very easy, so even for players with not so good Redstone knowledge.

    @DasSchaf20 yes that's true but I think that you can also make a good farm out of it in survival.

    And for everyone: I once played in a server where there was a great lack of space, which is where my idea comes from. You can also build it server-friendly semi-automatic (instead of the pulse generator a button)... maybe I should have written there


  3. In my village with thick wall etc. the place is also scarce and an extension costly. so I have my sugar cane farm simply extended by a few floors, works also super

  4. @DjDope I'm specialized in something like that, I also have a small chicken farm that automatically produces chicks and then grills them, but everyone already knows that ^^

  5. quote]Is a cool principle but with me the water did not go the water has not reached the block on which the melon seeds dräuf wahren? But a cool principle

  6. Under the water is a glass block, next to it the soil where the melon or pumpkin seeds are planted and on the other 3 sides again glass. and above it also glass, which is at the same time the lower block for the next level of water, so the water is completely locked in.