Lighthouse with regular flashing signal

Complexity: simple
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Lighthouse with regular flashing signal

A lighthouse that emits a light signal about every 5sec.

The whole thing works with a clock.


First you build the lighthouse (material doesn't really matter). At the top of the lighthouse you put 2 redstone lamps on top of each other in the middle. You build a redstone pipe into the tower. The pipe leads downwards. Then you build a clock (how you set it is up to you, but DO NOT use a piston clock!!!) and connect it to the redstone line that leads to the lamps in the tower. You can also run the signal up with flares.


  1. Well, you can already take, but I would not make more. Are too loud, provide laggs and can hardly be adjusted. Since ne Comperator Clock or one with Hoppers is better suited.

  2. @Patpat The Piston Clock gives off signals way too fast, and Picasso, you're right, the Piston Clock is way too loud and causes lags for me as well and are hard to get right.

  3. @thebigsmileXD you are right (changed the description a bit)
    @Nico1312 you're right you can also use for combat signals 😉
    @Banedite, what exactly do you mean? Give me a private message.