Medieval house with outdoor space

Complexity: simple
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Medieval house with outdoor space

A large medieval house, which will serve as a town hall for me. In addition, it has a small square next to it.

I tried to build the house from memory in medieval style. Whether I have managed that, you can tell me ^^. I have built a path away from the house, which goes on the one hand to the fireplace and on the other hand to the small "Piknik Square". But then I didn't let the path stop, but replaced parts of the grass with gravel, which I think looks nicer.


As you can see in the picture, I have used an already very well known type for the tables. I have chosen a matching fence and set them up parallel to each other. Then I got me a barrier (/give @p minecraft:barrier) and put this between the four "table legs". Then a brown carpet on it and it looks as if the carpet would float.


  1. @TerolionLP93 Is you very well done, but for my taste a bit dark. Kriegst nevertheless `n Like 😉

    @thebigsmileXD Why do you think? Most modern houses in Minecraft also look similar because they are built in the same style.

    To all who want to build the table without barriers: Places instead of the barrier a thread, you almost do not see and has the same effect.

  2. Bring in more stone (Stonebrick no Cobble!) and lighter wood and it looks much more awesome, then pull the roof front and back, top a little heaus and the house looks awesome!