Modern house

Complexity: simple
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Modern house

This is a modern house made of quartz blocks and dark wood. It has a pool in the back.

Inside, you can arrange it however you like.


  1. My pleasure, Matthi! Like the modern villa with pool! We've had enough high rises for a long time too! Bring on some... let's say... NACHBAUWERTE ideas! Dislike!

  2. Well matthi, probably frustrated that you also no longer pick up Likes?
    I find this idea here not bad. And your ideas are not exactly always imaginative.
    Whereby one must say that I like the mansion of DJNick1234 still nen ticken better.

  3. Daniel269 he is right after all. It's about ideas not designs. As it is here now, 1000 boats, 1000 skyscrapers, 1000 mansions. Wow how imaginative. The idea here is to show an idea that others can build on. No one will build a villa like this 1 to 1, it's not possible with a picture. The picture is absolutely meaningless. Why do you upload something like that? Makes no sense.