Monster farm with piston

Complexity: simple
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Monster farm with piston

Monsters are killed in the pit by an extending piston.

The water washes monsters into the pit on the right. In the pit
the pressure plate gives a signal, whereupon a piston drives through the head of the monster and the monster gets damaged.

In creative mode it has no useful purpose. But in survival mode you can build a platform for yourself, so that zombies, creepers and skeletons can get into the water.

Of course, it's not very easy to build this in survival, but if you've been playing a bit longer, I don't think it's a problem.


Actually, you can recreate it from the picture above. But here still something:

Above the pit must hang a shield so that the water does not flow down.

You may only use a stone pressure plate, because with a wooden pressure plate the dropped items keep the piston activated.


  1. Not only in Creative it has no sense. Also in the Survival it has no real use.
    XP you do not get. If you only want the loot you can build much easier with lava.
    Spiders can't be looped that way at all.

  2. The idea is interesting but poorly implemented. under the Druckjplatte could also put a funnel so that the wooden printing plate is not BLockiert or so that the items do not disappear.

    Then THAT is actually the easiest system you can build which has no SENSE I recommend for items rather the Lava system which was already mentioned.

    In the Survival little sense because in 1.8 the Möbse have so much IQ that the simply raushüpfen from the water

  3. One question, if you want the items, then you have to go into the pit yourself. Then you also get crushed.