Noble lamp

Complexity: simple
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Noble lamp

An expensive-looking lamp.

This lamp is perfect for a classy home that you don't want to light with torches.


  1. @picasso22
    Since you probably want to have more than one such lamp, you would also have to kill several Wither. Glass is easy to get, obsidian is a bit harder, but you can still get it.

    How do you come up with Wither heads? To create Wither? Depending on that, other players don't want to create Wither and stuff.
    So, this idea, while possible in Survival, is much easier in Creative Mode.

  2. @Gamegirl, EVERYTHING is easier in creative mode, but that's not the point. The point is whether or not this idea is viable in survival mode, and it clearly is.
    And like I said, killing WitherSkeletons to get heads and killing the Wither (because that's the only way to get the star) is not hard. I

    I have 2 active Beacons in my survival map and about 40 Netherstars in stock, and Obisidian is also easily 1 box full of stacks. That was not really a big effort to kill the Wither or the Obsidian to Farme.

    But your statements show me that you yourself obviously have little to no idea about Minecraft Survival.