Nether portal that can be switched on and off

Complexity: simple
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Nether portal that can be switched on and off

So that you don't always hear the annoying sound of the portal when you get near it, there's a remedy with this gadget.

The system is relatively simple. At the bottom block of the portal are two launchers. The left one contains a water bucket, the right one several fireballs.
By pressing the right button, the right launcher gets a redstone signal and shoots the fireball that ignites the nether portal. Now you can go into the Nether, do what you want there and then come back.
Now the left dispenser is triggered by the left button and it puts water through the water bucket in front of it and destroys the portal. By pressing the button again it takes the water again and the bucket is filled with water again.
And already you have an on and off switchable nether portal which only makes the noise when you want it. So it is also possible to build a hidden nether portal in multiplayer.


  1. - NEW VERSION BELOW! (Comment from 10.08.2015) -
    But that can be improved:
    For one thing, you can put a lighter in the launcher instead of fireballs and a lighter is much easier to get. In addition, I have a variant here, where the water is automatically turned off when you want to create the portal. Then you don't always have to do that additionally but only have one button press for on and one for off:
    (from here left button: switch off; right: switch on)

    Also, you can make the portal 4 blocks high, so that looks normal high when you come from the front.

  2. @xxluke: I've done that with the water myself. I've even made it so far that you only have to press the button once and then after the time you need to enter the nether portal (in the overworld no time passes in the time where you're in the nether) and shortly after you come out the nether portal is turned off again. Is only the danger that something goes wrong and you end up in the Nether and the Nether Portal in the overworld is off and then a new spawns... But thanks for the tip with the lighter, is really helpful for me!

    And by the way, the many rabbits were not intentional, but I've already rumexperimentiert on the island with the 1.8 and thereby just spawned many rabbits ... I finds but still somewhat beautiful 😉

  3. On servers where fires are out of course not. I expected that you can think about that if a certain thing on a server are locked also all related are locked. You could also write that under all redstone ideas, since there are servers where these are forbidden...

  4. @zokles: You're right, it doesn't work for me anymore either. Apparently the launchers are now relaying the signal, which they didn't do before. Here is an adapted version:
    And for the sake of completeness, the front as well: