open freezer/ice chest

Complexity: simple
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open freezer/ice chest

If the fridge is no longer sufficient, a way must be found to still be able to consume the food in 2-3 days! And what would be better than a spacious ice chest!


To save your food you need:

-two iron doors
-four trapdoors
-two blocks of ice

The rest goes by itself and is easy to put together.


  1. Function 0/2 points 
    Design 3/5 points
    Comprehensiveness / Improvement : 
    From behind you could have made another picture and better background evl.
    Sense 1/3 points 
    Overall I give 4/10 points Neutral

  2. @expert-no1 Really? You actually mind the background on this idea?
    What's the big deal?

    @PiggyBow Then just put it on the wall, trap doors made of wood or iron on it and you're done! ^^

  3. I also don't really understand why you have to find every build of mine bad, why don't you make your own instead of always wanting to improve without giving good reasons! @expert_no1

  4. My ideas are about the idea itself, in the further it is classified in the category "decoration". Both environment and utility are completely beside the point. If this chest would work, I would have mentioned that for sure :). @expert_no1