Own dreams

Complexity: simple
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Own dreams

With just two command blocks and hardly any effort, you can build your own dreams in Minecraft.

Once you go to sleep in Minecraft, this creation will teleport you to an armor stand.
When you press "get up" you automatically end up next to the bed again.


First you have to create the armor stand in the place where the player then "dreams": /summon armor_stand ~ ~ {Invisible:1,Marker:1,NoGravity:1,CustomName:Dream} "Invisible" makes the armor stand invisible, "Marker" makes it basically indestructible, "NoGravity" makes it float and "CustomName" lets you name it, in this case "Dream". 2017-01-06_19-22-15 In the lower command block this command comes in: testfor @p {Sleeping:1b} This command checks if you are asleep. If "@p" takes "@a" it will affect all players on a server and if you only enter your player name (with tab) only that player will "dream". In the top ones: tp @p @e[name=dream]
An avid Minecrafter who doesn't shy away from redstone and command blocks or decorating ideas.


  1. Really cool idea!Only unfortunately it doesn't work in Minecraft because there are no command blocks.
    Still Like!

  2. Great idea, but you don't need the armor stand at all, since you can also work with coordinates (x y z).