Own pictures in frames

Complexity: simple
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Own pictures in frames

You build a picture in the world so you can hang a card of it in a frame.

Paint a picture on a map to hang it in an item frame.
This is of course especially easy to implement on servers with a Creative World, since these are usually kept completely in a uniform color.


With a little work, real works of art can be transferred to maps.

1. you need an area of 128*128 block, this corresponds to 8*8 chunks.
2. load an empty map, so you can see the area this map fills.
Fill this area completely with white wool (or whatever you want your background to look like).
Update the map. If you have filled the entire area, you now have a white map.
From here on only your creativity is needed. Pixelarts are very good for this.

This is what the surface looks like at the end, with picture:
Only once again take the map in hand so that this updated.


  1. Sure you can change the textures of the paintings, but they are only limited available and everyone sees something different πŸ˜€
    Yes is very elaborate but the result can really be seen. And people are amazed not bad when there is something individual hanging around. In the single player I would not do the work πŸ˜€

  2. matthi94 Minecraft doesn't seem to be the right game for you. THIS is just an idea, the picture I chose only counts as an example. With it, of course, much more is possible. But I did not intend to pixel there a 1080p image πŸ˜€