Pig Stunt Show

Complexity: simple
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Pig Stunt Show

The shocked pigs jump over the lava bungee.


THE entertainment! All you have to do is hover a fence about 6 blocks above the lava. Then you line up the pigs and hang them on the fence. And off you go!


  1. For one thing, what exactly is the point?
    On the other hand, why only creative mode? You can also hang a pair of block high pigs on a fence in Survival.

  2. @picasso22 -there's no point it's just funny to watch
    -nobody would build something like that in survival mode, because it's mainly about
    Survival goes

  3. tell me something: who would build THAT in survival mode, huh? at most those wealthy people who have been playing for a year and have already built a mansion out of diamond blocks and everything!

  4. That is totally COOL!!! But you have to be the fence really 8 blocks above the lava, otherwise it was with the pigs 😉 But you can also rename the piggies in Dinnerbone, then they are tied to the legs.