Piston Double Extender

Complexity: simple
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Piston Double Extender

By using two pistons, the front block is pushed forward two blocks.


Build two pistons or sticky pistons in a row and add two repeaters. The one on the first piston with delay level 2
and the one on the 2nd piston with the highest deceleration level.
Add the following Redstone line:
The lever too, of course ;).
Now add the block you want to push as well.
This is what it looks like:


  1. With me it funzt. May be that you have too many mods or play on a newer version. I currently on the 1.5.2 but one of my buddies has the 1.8.1 and with him it works.

  2. I think everyone who knows a little bit about redstone knows this.
    Also, you most likely got this from a minecraft redstone manual/website, which means it's not your idea, so could you please put that down too.
    Since I like this circuit in spite of everything there is a tentative like