Armor and equipment donors

Complexity: simple
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Armor and equipment donors

When you stand on the pressure plate, the content of the launcher is thrown into the inventory (the armor slot).

I think it's self-explanatory if there are any questions or tips then post it in the comments 🙂


  1. 1. the idea is not new
    2. this is the new excuse not to write a manual, just write it yourself clarifying and the rest can think of anyone
    3. that the idea does not work at all probably only disturbs the fox (actually logically that only the lowest dispensers are powered by the pressure plate).
    Conclusion Rating 0/3 points set 6 next time invest more time than 5 only minutes

  2. there are better designs that don't go around the corner. just make a 2 block high recess in a wall and place a dropper on the floor, two in the wall and one in the ceiling. now place a redstonedust on the floor and a button above it.

  3. I guess you have to connect the pressure plate with redstone to the launcher:
    Could you maybe take a picture of the redstone line?
    Otherwise I like the idea quite well, even if there are better desings. I would probably also build it like Karl31a.
    Otherwise Like!

  4. Hi, it's Fybi.
    It unfortunately took a long time to upload.After a month I gave up on it and Kulte no longer active.
    Now I have a new email and forgot my password I will post a part more pictures in comments or something so tutorial ...
    The designe was also just an idea and can also be changed
    bb fybi