Roofs for high-rise and prefabricated buildings

Complexity: simple
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Roofs for high-rise and prefabricated buildings

An individual roof (or you build it exactly ;)) for everyone. Fits on all skyscrapers from the 8th floor.

Do you have a town with small, medium and large houses? And the roofs of the "big, tall" ones are empty? Then here comes the idea: A modern roof with as much Klimbimbsch as possible.
Important: - it is best to use stone, double stone step or clay for the very top
- include iron grids, free-standing pipes (boilers) and barriers
- build the antennas with glowstone or beacon and red-white blocks
- build a roof access (as shown on the screenshot)


Commandblock: /give @p 137
Double stone step: /give @p 43
Another cool thing: Eternally burning stove: /give @p 62
Page with all Minecraft blocks&co:


  1. Like Snuffer says; the cell towers are oversized! The roof access is not the main idea, so I pay no attention to it... The fans are known and already present on the side. Stone steps I would also not necessarily use, other steps (whichever) look better.

    The basic idea would get a Like, but due to the implementation I rate it NEUTRAL.

  2. small collection of my idea... @ZombieHead it's your opinion how I design something. I wanted to write it a little more upbeat this time... not boring like "A roof for a skyscraper, but you can use it for small houses too..." get it ;). Also, you don't have to "eat your way in" here like you do with the application process. it's a game and this is a site for people who need ideas. @thebigsmile the trap doors were an attempt to represent shutters XD. Can you give me the page where the idea was there please? (would be very nice; unless the page doesn't exist anymore).

  3. @MacMathew you need the commandblock to give you the double stone level (that's two stone levels in one block) then you enter this command: /give @p 43 - if it works like this in chat I don't know.

  4. May I say something else: I find the ratings GREAT STUPID. Man makes with it the genius as well as creativity of an idea ruined, it is put, if it just a few people do not like, in the background. I do not only mean me, but ALL ideas. Everyone is allowed to have a freedom of opinion, but this rating function should be deactivated for EVER, in my opinion. Of course, the apartment block as an example has a good rating, it also looks good, but here again you will find some who think "I am the best and must give everyone else a negative rating so that I become better" - WRONG THOUGHT! There are always likers and dislikers, but that there are really so many haters left is questionable to me. I don't want to highlight my ideas here, I just want THEM TO LOOK AT THIS SITE AND READ THIS COMMENT, and if possible, vote on the comment. Creating comments is enough after all, and ordering them by Redstone, Survival Best Tips, Survival - Good Builds, Medieval, Industrial Age, and Modern City Building is enough AND NOT ANOTHER. No more "best rated" or "relevant", it's hard to find exactly what you're looking for in this large collection. Please take it to heart.
    Yours sincerely,


  5. The rating function is quite useful. It would be better if they were the rating in percent and not in absolute numbers, but that you have not criticized. With the ratings, visitors can immediately see whether it is worth looking at an idea more closely or not. Whether there are now excessively many haters I have not noticed. Almost 2/3 of all ratings are still positive. And if there are haters, they disliked everything and not only your ideas, so that wouldn't be a disadvantage compared to other submissions. This submission here is not bad either, it has a positive rating.
    The "Relevant" sorting is good, because it is a mixture of "New" and "Well rated". That way you don't have the bad stuff like with the "New" sort, and you don't have the old ideas like with the "Best Rated" sort. "Best rated" I didn't call "Best" on purpose, by the way.
    The filters "Middle Ages, Industrial Age and Modern City Construction" could be added, but most things fit into all or none of the three categories. I will think about that again. What you mean by "Survival Best Tips" I don't know and "good buildings" would be the rating function again.

  6. Thank you for your answer, xxluke. After her answer it is also logical and then the puzzle solves itself. unfortunately, however, some people here have a board before the head and evaluate according to their whim. They should actually be told not to squat on their own building style in such a racist response. Sure there are different tastes. But if some here are going to rate, then maybe it would make sense for everyone to send off a justification for their expression of opinion by "thumb". Everyone is responsible for their own rating, so hopefully that shouldn't be too hard to send a few lines. Would I predominantly with negative evaluations force, since then the builders receive some feedbacks, with these feedbacks (comments) thus also improvement suggestions. So ideas can be updated and improved. That's how I would suggest it. But thank you for your reply to mine, I understand on the other hand the rating function.

  7. JonnyXD and xxluke, I don't think xxluke's idea with the percentage divisions is so stupid. What would also be good if you could see the number of each rating, not just the difference of positive and negative ratings. As for the haters, I'm only aware of one, though he doesn't seem to be a hater anymore today (I won't name him, he's been registered for a very long time). Jonny, the ratings already make sense, but if you do not write in the commis, what you do not find so good, you can also nix improve.

  8. @luckyluke that's right, I think it should be some (if that is now not programmable 😉 ) decency at least a little bit to write something... I just think it is so :). But thanks anyway that some like it.