Build secret door without mod

Complexity: simple
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Build secret door without mod

With this secret door, you can easily secure your house even if you have few resources and no mod.

All you need is:

2 Adhesive pistons

A few times redstone

1 lever or switch

When you have collected everything you need you can start.

1. the right place

The right place is in a mountain, otherwise the door is too easily recognizable.

To do this, you should mine some stone there in the mountain so that you have enough space.

2. attach piston and link redstone

Now it is the turn of the mechanism.

put the pistons down, and link them to redstone.

Then connect it to a switch you want to use to open the door later, hide it well.

Three. Add on.

Now the mechanism is already ready.

Now all you have to do is camouflage everything so other players can't find the place.

You have to leave the way to the 2 blocks in front of the pistons free, but build the blocks in front of the pistons.



If something does not work, it could be that you have used normal pistons instead of adhesive pistons.

If that's not the case either, just comment.

Have fun and success 😉

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  1. Thumbs up 😀
    but simply top/bottom adhesive pistons dadrauf then zb sandstone,wood....
    then redstone and then something that can activate redstone e.g. lever, button
    then disguise everything inconspicuously (e.g. stone on a mountain)
    and ready 🙂
    (Just for info, I don't have a website yet, uhh...private but I just don't give that to ._. )