Sleigh with reindeer

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Sleigh with reindeer

Santa's sleigh with reindeer or horses.

The sleigh can be built without reindeer or not in the air, the sleigh has chests to represent gifts
The reindeer are tied to the sleigh with strings
The sledge from close

Another idea for people who don't like the reindeer: (it needs cheats though)
with barriers (give @p barrier) you can make horse boxes in front of the sled, maybe the horses still leash or even with thread, that's up to you. I have now times only 2 horses spawned, out of laziness xD. It is important that the barriers are 2 blocks high, otherwise the horses run out.


  1. @CarlsonSchmidt when you leash an animal you tie the leash so high that the animal does not come to the ground, it bounces up and down in the air. Try it yourself and better say nothing if you have no idea about Minecraft.:wassat::unsure:

  2. I have built the sled on the floor but I tear off the again anyway that looks like shit @Gamegirl If I could I would throw this junk idea from the side

    Ps: stop with your fucking smileys

  3. I can make smileys where I want!!! And I think that with the sentence structure you should practice again! And as a little tip you can also edit the commis!:sick:

  4. I do not understand these beklopten users!
    The idea is flawless...
    ...and the upload date is irrelevant...
    With impressed/wondered/friendly greetings

  5. @minegraui Thank you for your support:)<3
    So I guess CarlsonSchmidt just doesn't have any ideas of his own and that's why he badmouths other people... I think you should bring good ideas yourself first before you start criticizing... I don't take it that personally;):silly: