Special combat aircraft

Complexity: simple
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Special combat aircraft

A very detailed fighter plane that is good for a small army to transport!

This is a self built (military) fighter plane with very good details like:
-Modern doors (pay close attention).
-propeller movement (spider webs)
etc have worked on it about 17 hours at a stretch.
but because of em bedrock that looks better with texturepack you have to build it in gm1 or use black or grey wool.


This is the picture again from the main picture here you can simply copy if you want to rebuild it
The next pictures are from the back of the plane:
Seats for the soldiers with computers:


  1. @Chaos-Builder why bad from the outside? With resource pack eg Pure PD asks or FlowsHD is hamma man can change the threatened on by gray black wool ?

  2. @expert-no1
    I don't think bedrock and confession stone go together. Also, I don't know what you mean by "mann kann das bedroht auf durch graue schwarze wolle umändern"? If you are not so good in German grammar, you should read the Kimmentare schreibst, again carefully and see if the sentences make any sense!

  3. @Chaos-Builder Problem is I send the message immediately and because of autocorrect sucks that changes sentence around....  
    Meant: you can also replace the bedrock with black / gray wool