Temple with maze, jump 'n' run and house

Complexity: simple
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Temple with maze, jump 'n' run and house

Here is a gigantic temple with different things like several kinds of a maze, a jump 'n' run and a private house for the owner of this facility.

You can see my temple here, which I built on the [url=http://http://web.diacraft.org/]Diacraft server[/url]. Inside are several mazes and a jump'n run on top. The house has a panoramic view over the jump'n run due to blockades underneath. 
You can of course add in other things like puzzles, traps, etc.

Here are some pictures.

The house:

 -> The lounge:

 -> The panoramic view of the Jumjp'n run:

from the labyrinth the picture is difficult because you can see only one corridor and a few intersections. Therefore there is no picture here